April 2013 Photo A Day Challenge #MomPhotoADay

Welcome Mom With a Dot Com's April 2013 Photo A Day Challenge! April showers are said to bring May flowers - so we incorporated that into our challenge this month. March was an extremely busy month for me and I kind of fell off from posting and I'm a day late getting this one up. April is going to … [Read more...]

Come Join Our Photo A Day Challenge! #MomPhotoADay

 Do you like taking photos? Are you on Instagram? You can participate in Mom With a Dot Com's Photo A Day Challenge anywhere I suppose. But I'd love to see them on Instagram! Be sure to follow Mom With a Dot Com on Instagram that way I don't miss any of your photos! I'll be checking the hashtag … [Read more...]

outmywindow™ | Sharing photos with family & friends – not the world!

 I love taking photos of my family. More importantly, I love sharing those photos with my friends and family. Sometimes it's hard to share those photos on some social networking sites. Basically, on most social networking sites, you are friends with many people - co-workers, friends, family, … [Read more...]

Shutterfly Yearbooks | Preserve Your Memories!

Do you want to find an affordable way to preserve your child's school year memories? Maybe you have a little one and their school doesn't offer photo yearbooks. There is an affordable solution! Shutterfly now offers yearbooks! They are easy to create and a lot more affordable than the yearbooks … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday / Chico State: 1/11/2012

Wordless Wednesday   … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday 01.04.2012

This picture simply makes me smile. Daddy w/ the baby of our bunch! … [Read more...]

Catch Santa in the Act with iCaughtSanta.com

It's that time of year again - Christmas time! Now that I'm older wise, looking back at my childhood I realize one of the best things ever was simply believing. You know what I'm talking about. From the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus - the feeling of knowing such an amazing person … [Read more...]

Experience New Levels of Creativity with Gary Fong

If you are anything like me, you have pretty much ditched out on your camera and rely on your phone to capture your special memories. The bad thing about that is phones tend to want you to hold completely still sometimes or the picture will come out blurry. Fear no more, Gary Fong is here! … [Read more...]