Ask Questions and Get Advice with Sears Shop Your Way

You  may already know that I love shopping. What you might not know is half the time I don't end up buying anything because I can't make a decision. Sometimes I have questions with nobody to answer them. Sometimes you just need advice. I have great news about shopping at Sears. The Sears Shop Your … [Read more...]

Hire a Kmart or Sears Personal Shopper Free or Sign Up to Become One! #PersonalShopper

Some people like the retro look. I get it - it's totally "in" right now. Maybe you don't necessarily like it but you are stuck in a rut and don't know how to shop for just the right things. A Personal Shopper might just be what you need. As a Shop Your Way Member at Sears and Kmart, you have access … [Read more...]

Win a $100 Sears Gift Card during the Sears LocalAd SWEEPS!

  We all know shopping is fun. You know what is even more fun? When you can shop and not spend any of your hard earned money. Right now, you can win 100,000 points (that’s equal to $100) when you enter the Sears LocalAd Sweeps on ShopYourWay SWEEPS Points. Prizes. Play! It might sound … [Read more...]

Shop for Everything You Need @Sears #MoreAtSears

Remember (years ago) when you needed an outfit and would go to the mall and maybe a few other places? By the time you were finished, at least six hours went by. Then came online shopping. You could do all of your shopping from the comfort of your home but you still had to visit multiple sites to … [Read more...]

Plan for Summer Barbecues with @Sears’ #GrillingIsHappiness Sale #spon

One of my favorite things to do is plan for summer barbeques. It doesn't really matter if we have people over or not - I just love to barbeque. Outside entertainment was always a big part of my childhood; however, as an adult, we don't get together much anymore but I have always dreamed of having a … [Read more...]

Prepare for Baby during @Sears’ All Things #Baby Sale! #spon

 Do you need to prepare for baby? Do you already have a baby? Are you pregnant? Maybe you just know someone who is - either way, you need to know about the All Things Baby Sale at Sears!  When you become a new parent (or any parent with a baby), it can get expensive. The list just goes on … [Read more...]

Win $5,000 in Shop Your Way Reward Points with the #styleSURPRISE Giveaway from Sears

  Style doesn't always come easy. Sometimes you need a little help. Sears makes creating style fun. They have some pretty trendy apparel and accessories that can fit any occasion (and budget). The great news? Right now Sears is having a #styleSURPRISE giveaway event. The winner will … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with this short video (or Simply Fall) #ConnectingFlights

Have you ever had an exciting or memorable experience while at an airport or on a flight? The Connecting Flights movie is all about that. I'm excited to see the video myself as I have a memorable experience of my own. Even though I didn't fall in love, I met some great people. Back in August, I … [Read more...]