I got out of the house!

So here I am... relaxing after a long day in Chico. Yes, you heard right, I got out of the house. Surprising, huh? Big Daddy wanted to go shopping for a couple of things. The weather wasn't too bad. So we piled up Briana and Dominic and off we went. Our first stop was the Chico Mall. Daddy got some … [Read more...]

My Love & Saving some Moola…

Today I spent some time thinking about what in the world I could focus on within this blog. Time was spent thinking, brainstorming, and browsing the internet. Consistency is the key. It’s seems difficult to find something that I am passionate enough to write about every day and remain … [Read more...]

Birthdays, Girl Scouts & Woots…

So much for Big Daddy's big day he had planned. No furniture was moved. The bathroom was not cleaned. He deserves a break. I did do a load of laundry. Laundry is the story of my life. Lil' Dominic managed to leak out his diaper on to our sheets while he was napping… so I really did not have a … [Read more...]