Finding a Healthy Snack Alternative with Del Monte Fruit Cups #SmartSnack #CBias

 My son? Where? No, that is certainly not my son trying to get those cookies open. I have no idea what you are talking about.  Let's face it. Kids don't always eat healthy snacks. I do have to say cookies are definitely not the greatest snack. As parents, sometimes it's hard to grab … [Read more...]

New York Style Mini Bagel Crisps | So much more than just a crispy bagel!

New York Style Mini Bagel Crisps are the 'mini' version of the ever popular regular sized Bagel Crisps - just smaller! Don't let their size fool you; they are still packed with tons of flavor. They are so good you would never think they had 50% less fat and 18% fewer calories than the leading potato … [Read more...]

KLUTCHclub | A Box of Healthy Goodies Shipped to Your Door

Have you heard of KLUTCHclub yet? It's a monthly subscription service that allows you to create your own profile to help them choose the right health, wellness and fitness products for you that compliment your goals. Once you sign up, choose the the membership that is right for you and fill out your … [Read more...]