Win a Limited Edition FRIENDS Prize Pack! Hurry Ends 11/30 {US}

 If you know me at all, you know I'm a die-hard Friends fan! I love every single episode. I have seen each one probably a dozen times. I have borrowed the seasons, watched the marathons, rented the DVD's on Netflix... you name it. It would have been easier if I would have just invested in the … [Read more...]

Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats | Available on DVD!

 Tom and Jerry's Tricks & Treats are great tales of the favorite cat and mouse. They cross paths with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches! There are 20 episodes plus two bonus episodes. Tom and Jerry give you lots of tricks and treats from ancient Egypt to Transylvania, from creepy … [Read more...]

The Complete Third Season of Children’s Hospital on DVD

 Are you a fan of hospital drama shows? Children's Hospital isn't your traditional hospital drama show. It's a comedic parody. Most of the doctors (particularly Owen and Ritchie) act like children. Just because they act like children, I don't really think this is quite a child friendly … [Read more...]

Children’s Hospital: The Complete Third Season on DVD

 If you like comedies, parodies and hospital drama shows, I'm sure you know about Children's Hospital. At this Children's Hospital doctors do not work on Saturdays; obviously, that is not practical or realistic. However, it makes for good, crude (not recommended for children) entertainment. The … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First and Second Season on Blu-Ray Combo Pack

 If you watch the Big Bang Theory, then I'm sure you know of Sheldon's alternate version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sheldon created his own version called "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock." I have played it with my kids - just to give it a shot. Even though, it's a fun … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First & Second Season on Blu-Ray Combo Pack

 If you watch the Big Bang Theory, you know how ridiculously funny this show is. For such a funny show, they leave us some mystery, as well. Two words: Howard's Mom. What is up with this lady? We hear her all the time, yet we have never seen her... makes me wonder.   Howard's mom, … [Read more...]