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I love my ears. Well, not necessarily how far they stick out but more the less that I can hear out of them. Hearing is a beautiful thing. I love hearing my kid’s little voices, music and everything else. I want to be sure I do everything I can to ensure my kids maintain healthy, hearing ears. That’s why making sure children get a hearing test at a young age is important.

You definitely want to get your child’s hearing tested at a young age. That way, if there is a problem, you can start treatment early on. The longer it takes for a problem to be found, the more likely the child is to develop impairment of speech, language and learning disabilities. 

My youngest is three and his hearing has been tested once already. I think it will be tested again next year during Kindergarten round up. Even if you get their hearing tested, you still want to be aware of certain indicators that your child may need a hearing evaluation. Those indicators include: 

  • Frequent or recurrent ear infections
  • Poor School preformance
  • Child is consistently non respondent to his or her name
  • Child asks for words, phrases or sentences to be repeated.

My children love entertainment. They each have their own set of headphones. I’m always sure to monitor the volume while they are listening. Listening at excessively high volumes for long of periods could lead to noise-induced hearing loss that occurs over time. The headphones 

Monster Trucks

Earlier this year, we attended a Monster Truck Show. We knew the noise levels would be excessively high so we bought the kids some noise reduction ear muffs. The little guy chose black and our daughter chose hot pink. They even got them signed by the drivers! They weren’t very expensive (under $10) and their ears were protected. We had a good time without all the worry. 

Thankfully, for those with hearing issues, hearing aids are available. Rayovac carries a great selection of hearing aid batteries. They can be purchased online from Rayovac’s website

Rayovac hearing aid batteries

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