The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First & Second Season on Blu-Ray Combo Pack

 If you watch the Big Bang Theory, you know how ridiculously funny this show is. For such a funny show, they leave us some mystery, as well. Two words: Howard’s Mom. What is up with this lady? We hear her all the time, yet we have never seen her… makes me wonder.  

Howard’s mom, Mrs. Walowitz, has never been seen (ever) on the show, yet we get to hear her voice and quite often. I’m not too sure that is a good. Sometimes I wonder if I’d rather see her than have to hear her. Her voice is so high pitched and very annoying. It’s one of those voices where you almost want to mute the volume until she is through.  

Personally, I think that they don’t show her because her voice holds you in suspense. Some people will continue watching just so you might get to catch a look her face. Although, I picture Howard’s mom sitting on a reclining chair at all times, in a moo-moo like dress waiting for the chance to scream at him some more. I almost prefer her to remain a mystery that way we can use our imagination. It’s more fun that way.

The complete seasons one and two of the Big Bang Theory are now available on Blu-Ray in a combo pack! You can purchase them now by visiting The Official Store of Warner Bros. Studio.

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  1. Love The Big Bang Theory!

  2. gibberish says:

    I am a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan. It never fails to crack me up!