The Color Run – The Happiest 5k on the Planet


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With my look on fitness, I have decided to participate in things that I would never have dreamed about! That includes marathons. I have never ran (or walked) a marthon – ever. I’m very excited to tell you about the The Color Run™. 

The Color Run™ is also known as the "Happiest 5k on the Planet." Basically, it’s a race where you walk away covered in paint. The Color Run™ celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community. They don’t really keep track on how fast your going but more about how much fun you are having. 

How far is The Color Run™ you might ask? It is five-kilometers. Don’t worry, they don’t time you! With thousands of participants, there are runners (and walkers) of all levels. At each kilometer, you are drenched from head to toe in different colors. When you get to the finish line, there is a huge "Color Festival." Here there will be more colored powder to make lots of smiles and lasting memories. I have heard it is the best post-5k party ever!

You can register on your own (and save $5 using the promo code below) or you can register as a team. You only need a team of four people or more to be a team. In this case, it’s $5 cheaper. You can also use the below promo code on top of that to save $10! As a team, you get to pick a custom team name.  You can also run (or walk) together to keep each other motivated. Even if some are faster than others, you don’t have to stay together. You can finish as a unit or separately. 

Enjoy this promo code. Be sure if you want to register, you do it soon. The Color Run sells out fast so get your spot before it’s too late! Visit their locator page to find a Color Run event in your area. 

the color run promo code

There are only two rules:
Wear white at the starting line
and finish plastered in color! 




  1. This run seems great; thanks for sharing! I’m glad I found this.


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