The Hunchback of Notre Dame I/II on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack #Disney

When I was a teenager, The original Hunchback of Notre Dame was released. This Disney movie was one that my children watched as kids too. On March 12, 2012 Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 Movie Collection was released. Yes, TWO movie collection. Not only are you getting the first installment of the movie, but you will also receive The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. 

 Before I tell you all the great things that are included and how our family felt about the movie, let me give you the synopsis just in case you are not familiar with the movie: 

Rediscover the majestic musical adventure of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Hunchback of Notre Dame II – together for the first time in stunning Blu-ray High Definition. Bring your family together for the extraordinary tale of Quasimodo in a soaring celebration of the beauty inside all of us! 

Join the world’s most unlikely hero as he meets his first real friend, Esmeralda, while fighting to save the people and city he loves. The legendary story continues as Quasi reunites with the gargoyle friends to protect the cathedral’s most famous bell and find true love. The Hunchback of Notre Dame soars with a magnificent score by renowned composer Alan Menken (Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin). Enjoy both magical films, bursting with brilliant animation and unforgettable characters, together on Disney Blu-Ray.

We have the 3-Disc Special Edition of the movie. It’s jam packed with great bonus features on top of the two movies. You get so many great features in one convenient package. The collection includes:

  • Disc 1Blu-ray Two Feature Films + Bonus
    • Features Disney Enhances High Definition Picture and Sond
    • The Making of The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
    • Audio Commentary
    • Multi-Language Reel – "A Guy Like You"
    • Behind The Scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt
    • A Gargoyle’s Life
  • Disc 2DVD Feature Film + Bonus 
    • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    • The Making of The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Disc 3DVD Feature Film + Bonus
    • Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt 

The movie is just an overall great portrayal of how an ordinary and unlikely person can become a hero and finds true love. The synopsis really says it perfectly. The bonus features were pretty awesome. The making of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is hosted by Jason Alexander (known for George Costanza on Seinfeld) who plays Hugo in the movie. He does a great job at taking us through all the different components of making the movie. 

My favorite bonus feature was Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She talks about her character Madeleine. She mentions that originally Madeleine was the only character that wasn’t going to sing a song in the movie. Jennifer, being a singer, was disappointed because she loves Disney movies and wanted that privilege. She presented them with the idea and said she would be back the next day with a song. Sure enough, she came with back with a song and they gave it to her. At the end of this bonus feature, she preforms the song while we watch clips from the film. It’s a great song. 

Our family enjoyed watching this film and are happy to add it to our Disney collection. You can purchase this collection on Amazon. If you’re a Hunchback fan, be sure to follow the film on Facebook to hear about all things Hunchback!