The Smooth 6.75 Treadmill by Smooth Fitness #SmoothBlogger


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I have six words for you – I love my Smooth Fitness Treadmill. I can’t begin to tell you enough how amazing this thing is! I was given the Smooth 6.75 Treadmill. It’s pretty luxurious. I promised in my last post that I would tell you more about the machine and I’m about to tell you a bit about why I love this treadmill. 

Smooth Fitness Treadmill Dashboard

Look at this large display. I have horrible eyesight (even with my glasses). I love that I can clearly see all the controls and the LCD screen clearly without having to stop the machine or squint. If you have noticed and are wondering, yes, I have not yet taken off the plastic protective cover. I’m usually very anal about this so I’m not sure why it’s still there. You can see the compartments on each side. My water bottle goes in one and my cell phone in the other. The red magnetic safety cord connects to me (in the event I lose my cool and fall). 

Smooth Fitness LCD

I love all the information that the LCD screen gives me. It displays my pulse (if my hands are in the correct spot). It shows how long it has taken me and how far I have gotten in both distance and laps. It will display the incline; however, I haven’t used that much because I’m a chicken but I’ll start. It also lets me know how many calories I am burning. I love that it lights up because you never know when I will want to do some cardio in the dark. It will even tell me when it’s time to lube the belt! That is what I call service! 

Smooth Fitness ControlsI love how many controls it has. They make it simple and simple is good for me. You can change up your speed and incline with one push of a button. You can choose increments of two (express controls) or singly adjust them. There are 14 different preset programs for you to choose from. There is one manual program, five preset incline programs, five preset speed programs, one heart rate program, one fitness test and two custom programs. I’ll be completely honest, I was so excited to get started, I haven’t played around with the programs as much as I would like to. Maybe I will share the fitness test with you sometime. That sounds interesting. *Yes, that is a fan you see – with three speeds. I love that baby blowing in my face while I sweat. 

Right Left ControlsI know this is a horrible picture but I figured it would serve the purpose. These are QuickChange™ Hand Rails – aka the speed and incline controls. You can easily adjust them this way in case you are not coordinated (like me) to move your hands around on the dashboard. This is also where you will want the palm of your hands if you want the LCD to monitor your pulse. I do this sometimes but just when I want to check in. 

Sounds pretty great, huh? It is. Stay tuned for future posts. I plan on going over the entertainment features next. You can visit Smooth Fitness to check out what they have to offer. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up on their latest news and promotions. 

So far, what do you like most about this treadmill?