Three Things to Keep Kids Busy This Summer


It’s Summer. You know how I can tell? I can tell by all the fighting, tattle telling and the simple fact of wanting to pull my hair out because the kids just cannot get along. It doesn’t help that I work from home. It’s been tricky figuring out how to get everything done in a day since school got out for the Summer. I went on a hunt to try and find things to keep kids busy this Summer. Here are three things I found that my kids would enjoy. I wanted to find more but I’m too busy trying to keep them entertained.

Jimmy Blue Shorts Project

Today I received this “Jimmy Blue Shorts” project in the mail today. My daughter did Flat Stanley a couple years ago in school so I thought this would be fun. Maybe they can pen pal whoever we end up sending it to and that will keep them busy and looking forward to something. Feel free to download the printable version for yourself to entertain your kids this summer.

Visit the Library

Last week, we visited our local library. They have an entire children’s reading program designed for the Summer. The older kids get rewarded for reaching their reading goals and the younger kids get rewarded for reading a certain amount of books. When my kids signed up, they received a bookmark and a pencil. Their first reward is a personal sized pizza and a book. There are also many play groups, reading groups, etc. that are available for the kids. Check out your local library, you might be missing out!

Galileo Camp Logo

Register them into a camp. Some areas have day camps, week camps and they offer a variety of, yes, things to keep your kids busy during the Summer! Galileo Summer Camps compliment all of your Summer activities and then some! They are all about innovation, risk taking and solving problems. Their mission is to nurture and inspire a daring new generation of fearless innovators. Your child will get hands-on exploration of science, art and outdoor activities.

Galileo Camp Levels

There is art, science and outdoor activities for budding innovators pre-K to 5th grade. There are the Nebulas which are pre-K to K, the Stars which are 1st and 2nd graders, and the Supernovas that are 3rd to 5th graders. There are different courses during Camp Galileo including Adventures Down Under, Road Trip, The Incredible Human Body and Leonardo’s Apprentice.

The Innovator's Process - Camp Galileo

For the 5th to 8th graders, there is Summer Quest at Camp Galileo. During their time at camp, these campers realize their personal vision in one or more of 17 majors. Each week is an opportunity to try something new, or go deeper in a major they already love. One of the best things about the majors is that you can customize your summer by combining the weeklong majors that inspire your kids. Check them out below:

    Illuminated Art Studio – NEW!
    Digital Filmmaking
    Digital Photography
    Fashion Design
    Music Producers – NEW!
    Intro to Video Game Design
    Video Game Design Advanced
    Website Design
    Chefology: International Eats – NEW!
    Chefology: Decadent Desserts
    Go-Kart Builders
    Go-Karts Extreme
    Inventor’s Workshop
    3D Design and Printing
    Cool Chemistry
    DIY Screen Printing
    Minecraft Universe

Can you believe they have a major of Minecraft Universe?! Both of my kids would be in dreamland with that major. They are very big fans of Minecraft. Camp Galileo is a great place to inspire your kids to build their dreams and further explore what interests them the most. Sounds like a fun filled Summer to me. Too bad I couldn’t go to camp.

If you sign up for Camp Galileo, be sure to use the code 2014INNOVATION for $30 off one week! 

How are you keeping your kids busy this Summer?




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