Tooth Fairies & Dr. Phil…

It happened – I conquered accomplishment today. Not only did I get the two loads of laundry done, I got three of them done! Plus, I did a counter full of dishes. Like I said, we took Monday off. Now we are relaxing, watching TV… until it’s time for showers and bed. I was really excited to find a way for people to subscribe to my blog today. My six year old daughter, Briana, lost her first tooth today. I sometimes forget that at some point all of her teeth will have fallen out. This particular tooth was on the bottom. It happened shortly after she got home from school. She was very relieved that her tooth did not fall out while she was sleeping. She was very worried about that.

Great news. Dr. Phil announced today that he agreed to renew The Dr. Phil show through 2014! With this being Oprah’s last year, I couldn’t imagine television without Dr. Phil. I look forward to all of his knowledge everyday. Even if I miss it, it’s scheduled on my DVR. 🙂 Are you a Dr. Phil fan? If not, what other shows give you inspiration? 

Have you ever needed a quick something to give your little one? Don’t have time to run out anywhere? At Story Something you can personalize a story for your child and email it to them or you can simply print it for keeping. My six year old doesn’t have her own email so I’ll probably just email it to myself then have her look at it with me. At this rate, she can probably read it to me. So check it out and let me know what you think. I’m off to relax with the family and enjoy what is left of the night. Back to Life, Lovely Rita