What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Literally, if you haven’t bought anything for the special Mother in your life, do it now. You’re running out of time. Do you even know what you’re going to get her? My Mom is hard to shop for. Her birthday is less than two weeks after Mother’s Day, so I’m out to find TWO gifts. Let’s put that aside for now and talk about what I want for Mother’s Day. After you read this, be sure to go tell my fiance to read it too!

Fitness Wearables

A fitness wearable is something I have been wanting for a while. I want it to do amazing things. I have narrowed it down to the Nike+ Fuelband SE and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. I have been with the Galaxy family for years now. I just upgraded to the S5 and that makes me lean towards the latter; however, I’ve heard amazing things about the Nike Fuelbands. I don’t know. If you have input, I’d love to hear about it. Nonetheless, I want one.

Nike Running Shoes

I’ve had the same Earth Running shoes for a few years now. Recently, I bought a new pair of Nike Running shoes. You know, because I plan on running. The ones I bought are black, fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow. They are loud. I like them. I want more. These are cute.

Keurig Coffee Brewing System

For years now, I’ve been secretly admiring all these people with Keurigs. I don’t have one. We’re going to be moving our business from home to an office very soon. I thought that was a great excuse for a Keurig. Although I have one on its way, I think every woman who enjoys coffee needs one.

Infinity Necklace

Even though I want all this expensive stuff, I can be a simple girl. I love everything infinity. My fiance knows this and has yet to never get me anything infinity. I even sent him a link to one I wanted before Valentine’s Day. Still didn’t get it. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Simplicity is good.

Samsung Smart WiFi Camera When I say that I secretly want this, I mean it. This has to stay a secret. Don’t worry, my fiance never reads the words. He’ll probably only look at the pictures (if that). We just ordered a new fancy and very expensive DSLR. It was on a one day sale so we jumped on it. We ordered a Canon T5 but I really want a camera with WiFi. Honestly, I didn’t know they had WiFi cameras with interchangeable lenses. Help, how can I get my hands on this camera?

Samsung Smart TV

Okay, so maybe we don’t a $1,000+ Smart TV. I agree. But they do have them much cheaper. We moved our bedroom TV into our office / gym and now I want one back in our room. This is obviously a first world problem and I’m really over it already.

What's New in the Ebay App

All of this “window shopping” was made super easy with the new, improved eBay app. With the latest update, the notifications have improved, simple selling flow (especially using the barcode scanning), bigger pictures, new home screen for iPhones and a new UI for Windows’ phones. It also has amazing new was to refine your search.

ebay search refining options

Speaking of the new ways to refine your search… this was my best friend. I love to narrow down my searches as much as possible that way I don’t spend too much time scrolling through other things that I don’t need or want. The new refinements include Category, Search Order, Buying Format, Condition, Price, Item Location, Shipping and you can even Shop Locally to find items near you!

Twitter Party Alert

What: #eBayMobile
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Now I have to ask…

What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day
What do you want for Mother’s Day?

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