White Chocolate Chip Mocha Cupcakes with International Delight #LightIcedCoffee #CBias


Last week I went out of town. During the days before that, my family was so supportive of me shopping, getting my hair and nails done, etc. I was busy for about three days then I was gone for another three days. I wanted to do something nice for them that they would appreciate while I was gone. My hubby loves coffee and my kids like chocolate and sprinkles. So I put the two together and came up with these White Chocolate Chip Mocha Cupcakes made with International Delight’s Light Iced Coffee. At first, I was going to make them from scratch. But I started running out of time – so I improvised. 

Once I shopped for all the goodies I would need to bake these delicious cupcakes, I gathered them around. You can see all my shopping adventures in this special Google+ album. Being short on time, I decided to use a cake mix and make it my own rather than cook from scratch. Basically, I followed the directions on the box. 

The biggest change I made was substituting the water with International Delight Light Iced Coffee in the Mocha flavor. I’m sure somebody has done this before but I was pretty proud that I thought of it on my own. I was really excited to use the Light Iced Coffee because I figured it wouldn’t be adding calories to this already sweet dessert. It has 1/3 fewer calories than other iced coffees! 

Once I mixed everything up together, I tasted it. Yeah, I know – I’m not supposed to eat raw eggs but this was a ‘make as you go’ type of thing and due to time constraints, it had to be right the first time. When I tasted it, the yellow taste of the cake came through. To fix that, I added about a teaspoon of Cocoa Powder and it worked. 

Once I got the batter poured into the cupcake pan, I realized I forgot to add the white chocolate chips. So I sprinkled a few into each cup and pushed them into the batter with a skewer. That took a little longer than I wanted it to, so I just started stirring. Luckily, I remembered and stirred them into the batter for the second batch of mini cupcakes. 

The cupcakes even looked delicious without the frosting! I thought about leaving them this way but I knew the kids would enjoy frosting and sprinkles so I kept moving on. 

I had a (not so) brilliant idea of making the frosting taste like Vanilla Mocha with International Delight’s Light Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee. I figured that I could just substitute the milk for the coffee. 

My frosting idea turned out not to be so brilliant after all. You know I have always been real with you so I wanted to share this, even though I failed. I have made homemade frosting once before and it turned out great. This time, not so much. It was pretty lumpy and a little runnier than I’d like. Again, I was pressed for time. Luckily, I had a can of ready made frosting in the cupboard! 

Even though everything didn’t work out quite as planned, the cupcakes turned out pretty good. I added some pink gel food coloring to the frosting to give it some fun color. I topped the mini cupcakes with some Valentine’s Day sprinkles for the kids. I topped the bigger cupcakes with some a chocolate, coffee and sugar mix from a grinder. 

This happened by accident by my hubby thought he was pretty cool over it. I will admit, I thought it was cute enough to share with you all. He always eats his cupcakes this way by ripping off the bottom half and placing it on the top, making a sandwich. Anybody else do this?

Dominic couldn’t wait to eat a cupcake. He was asking me about them the whole time I was baking. When they were finally done, he hurried to the table to enjoy his treat. 

Of course, I couldn’t resist sharing his cute face and how messy it was after he grubbed down his cupcake. Be sure to follow International Delight on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on the latest news and promotions. You can also sign up to receive coupons here.

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  1. Good thinking adding the cocoa into the batter to cancel out the yellow cake mix flavor. I could use a cupcake with some “kick”! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this great recipe -and your failure!

  3. Love the last photo! His face says it all! Thanks for sharing the recipe. It sounds delicious. I didn’t realize the iced coffee is so versatile.

  4. I love that you substituted the coffee for the water. And my husband always eats his cupcakes the same way your husband does….just like a whoopie pie 🙂


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