Wine Tasting with Save Mart’s Buy 4, Get 10% Off Spirits and Wine Sale

cbiasdisc #shopThis day and age, I’m always looking for deals. No matter what I do, what I’m buying or where I go. The more money I can save, the happier I am. When things I want or need are less expensive, I try to jump on it and, sometimes, stock up on it if it’s something I will use often.
Save Mart Wine Deal #FreshFinds #shopWhen I was looking through the Save Mart advertisement and came across some of their offers, I was excited. When you buy any four bottles of wines and spirits, you can save 10%! You can even mix and match! Don’t get me wrong, we’re not big drinkers but we have been talking about wanting to explore different wines and find one that we really enjoy. We’ve never been wine tasting, so this was the perfect time to experiment!

Save Mart Wine in a Bag #FreshFinds #shopOne little perk that I loved was this handy little tote. It is made to hold four bottles of wine and it’s free with the purchase! Now if only other glass containers had these, we’d be set.

Wine Sale at Save Mart #FreshFinds #shopI did a small consensus on my Facebook profile to ask my friends what different wines I should try before shopping. There were many different suggestions and I forgot half of them when I actually went; however, these are what I ended up with. Maybe you are in the same boat and want to try wine but not sure. Let me share with you a little about what I learned about these wines (by reading their labels).

  • The ChocolatRouge is a blend of rich chocolate flavors and fine red wine. You can serve this chilled or on the rocks. I chose this wine because of the simple ingredients that include grape wine, cream, natural flavors, caramel and certified color.
  • Barefoot Refresh, Summer Red has the aromas of raspberries and oranges, complimented by flavors of ripe berries. This is a great Summer wine that is perfect for a backyard barbecue.
  • Cupcake Pinot Noir has a heavy aroma of cherries that opens up to a touch of red currants and a hint of spice. This wine suggests it be paired with lamb kabobs or smoked sausage. I love some good smoked sausage.
  • Sutter Home Pink Moscato is a sweet rose wine with caramel aromas that lead into a melon and passion fruit ending. There’s a hint of vanilla that is suggested to be paired with berry tart or decadent piece of cake.

There are so many different wines to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down to just these four. I plan to grab some smoked sausage and try some Cupcake Pinot Noir with it. I think the Barefoot Refresh calls for a good beef steak.

Wine and Spirit Sale at Save Mart #FreshFinds #shop

So far, we have tried the ChocolatRouge and it’s delicious! It’s like a dessert all within itself. I may ending up buying more to experiment with. I think it would make some great mixed drinks (think hot chocolate type stuff) and even some yummy recipes (cookies, cakes, something like that).

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What’s your favorite wine?
Any suggestions?