Wreck-It Ralph In Theaters | Let’s Celebrate!

 That’s right, Wreck-It Ralph is now in theaters! You might remember when I shared the trailer with you and then a later released clip from the movie. Have you seen it yet? Are you going to go see it? Personally, I have not yet seen it; however, my kids and I are all excited to see it! 

In celebration of the movie launch, I have a fun giveaway. There will be one winner that will receive TWO shirts! One proudly displays Wreck-It Ralph himself and comes in adult T-Shirt sizes of S, M, L & XL. The other shows Vanellope (she is quite adorable) and comes in adult female sizes of S, M, L & XL. The winner will get to choose their sizes of each. *Even though these are promotional shirts, there is other awesome Wreck-It Ralph merchandise available in the Disney Store*

***Please note: Regardless of how many times one person wins this giveaway on various sites, you will only receive one prize pack total.***

Giveaway had ended.



  1. My name is Ralph, do I automatically win? It is about time I wore a T-Shirt with my name on it. This way, I don’t have to introduce myself to anyone. Besides, only I could appreciate this valuable prize!!!!!!! drmrs 11/30/2012

  2. Yes, my son is going with his school next week. =)

  3. Claudette Lariviere says:

    Have not yet seen this movie, but would love too..:-)

  4. Jaime Nicole says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I will probably wait for Redbox!

  5. daughter-in-law would love these silly shirts “) lol

  6. I’d like to see it – but I might wait til DVD – Christmas is coming and money is needed elsewhere.

  7. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, but we will!

  8. I plan on seeing it soon with my grandsons.

  9. Auri Lae says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing it! I’m a huge retro video game fan.

  10. Ann Fantom says:

    Yes, I plan on taking my daughter to see Wreck-It Ralph

  11. Racheal S. says:

    I haven’t seen in yet; I’m taking my two younger sisters this weekend.

  12. Robin Quick says:

    I havent seen it but plan to.

  13. Karen Che says:

    My nieces and I loved Wreck-It Ralph! It had smart humor and was overall a very memorable movie.

  14. We have seen it. It was great!!

  15. Jane Ritz says:

    I plan to take two of my grandchildren to see it.

  16. Kelly Archambeau says:

    Yes I plan Ion seeing it, waiting for it to come out on DVD. Cant wait.

  17. nicole gervais says:

    No we havent seen it yet but i really want to lol looks like it has something for the kids and adults a like!! Love those kind of movies 🙂

  18. Im sure my grandson will want to see this movie. we always watch movies together.

  19. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My daughter plans on taking my grandson but I most likely will not be going

  20. we have not seen it yet but I will take the hubby and daughter when we get a chance

  21. Yes Im sure my grandson will want to see it

  22. Michele Behlen says:

    I will probably wait to watch it at home.

  23. stacey dempsey says:

    I havent seen it yet, but even my teenagers are excited to see it and are talking about it

  24. Andrea D. says:

    I’ll probably rent it because we don’t have a theatre close.

  25. Stella Russotti says:

    saw it last night! really, really amazing!! 😀

  26. We are going to see it and my kids can’t wait. This really looks like a good family movie.

  27. We’ll probably wait to rent it